(2nd Annual)


​Published Stages


Stages will be published to this page before the match.  (Click on event to the right to download pdf)


Warning:  We may make last minute changes to stages based on weather, etc.   We will try to stick with published stages but you may show up and shoot something completely different.


Eye and Ear protection are required at all times while on the range
Western Dress, lead bullets and lead shot only


For a Cowboy Match:

REVOLVERS: Two Single Action Revolvers, .32 caliber or larger with leather (holsters & gunbelt)

SHOTGUN: Lever or pump action with external hammer OR double barrel shotgun WITHOUT ejectors

RIFLE: Lever or pump action rifle in pistol caliber

Ammunition: 1000 FPS max for pistol, 1400 FPS max for rifle, #6 or smaller lead shot

120 rounds of pistol/rifle ammunition and approx 30 shotgun shells.


See our WILD BUNCH page for details on Wild Bunch needs.


If you don't have all these firearms yet, come out anyway. Cowboys are a friendly bunch, and you might find a Cowboy willing to let you borrow a gun for a stage or two!

* Josey Wales 

The stages will be set to allow for Josey Wales shooters.  Josey Wales is 5 pistols instead of rifle and shotgun!



The stages will be set to allow shooting a 1911 pistol instead of your main match revolvers.  Sort of a hybrid Cowboy and Wild Bunch.  We will use Cowoboy rules and load 5 in each magazine.

WHEN:  Saturday, October 30th, 5:00 PM


The Black Hand Raiders are hosting our Night Shoot!   We plan to set up the range with 5 stages of nighttime fun!   Shooting will start as soon as we are done setting up.   


Special Rules for the Evening


1) Please park up top and walk down.  If you need assistance at the hill holler.   Someone will help.

2) If you use a flashlight for something, please cover it with Red plastic as not to affect other's night vision

3) We are planning on 5 stages but depending on time, we may cut it short at 4 stages.   There is a noise ordinance that kicks in at some point.


IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON COMING IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU COULD LET US KNOW (email Johnny) just in case we get a big crowd.