Cowboy Matches take place on the 2nd Sunday 



Registration is from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM.

Mandatory shooters' safety meeting takes place at 9:45 AM.

Matches start at 10:00 AM

COST: $15 (all shooters)

The annual membership fee is $10.



Cowboy, Sunday, March 8

Cowboy, Saturday, April 11

Cowboy, Sunday, May 9 - *Canceled

 Cowboy, Sunday, June 13 (Memorial Shoot)

Cowboy, Sunday, July 11 (*1911)

Cowboy, Sunday, August 8 (*Josey Wales)

Cowboy, Sunday, September 12

Cowboy, Sunday, October 10

(Canceled) NIGHT SHOOT, Saturday, Oct 30

Cowboy, Sunday, November 7




Eye and Ear protection are required at all times while on the range
Western Dress, lead bullets and lead shot only


For a Cowboy Match:

REVOLVERS: Two Single Action Revolvers, .32 caliber or larger with leather (holsters & gunbelt)

SHOTGUN: Lever or pump action with external hammer OR double barrel shotgun WITHOUT ejectors

RIFLE: Lever or pump action rifle in pistol caliber

Ammunition: 1000 FPS max for pistol, 1400 FPS max for rifle, #6 or smaller lead shot

120 rounds of pistol/rifle ammunition and approx 30 shotgun shells.


See our WILD BUNCH page for details on Wild Bunch needs.


If you don't have all these firearms yet, come out anyway. Cowboys are a friendly bunch, and you might find a Cowboy willing to let you borrow a gun for a stage or two!

* Josey Wales 

The stages will be set to allow for Josey Wales shooters.  Josey Wales is 5 pistols instead of rifle and shotgun!



The stages will be set to allow shooting a 1911 pistol instead of your main match revolvers.  Sort of a hybrid Cowboy and Wild Bunch.  We will use Cowoboy rules and load 5 in each magazine.